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NEWS RELEASE: https://www.prbuzz.com/home-a-garden/96334-2012-home-monitoring-winner-in-san-jose-california.html

San Jose Home Security has selected Protect America as their home and alarm monitoring service winner for 2012.

The SanJoseHomeSecurity.com website senior editor Lee Arthur said, “Because of the increase in the number of break-ins and home crimes in the western United States, San Jose homeowners are considering property security and purchasing the most effective and economical home security system they can find. It can be really challenging to keep these intruders at bay using only traditional common locks.”

Arthur stated that most home security monitoring services will install an alarm system at no charge, as long as the customer agrees to a long-term monitoring contract. “Unfortunately,” he continued, “These alarm companies will add the installation cost on to your monthly bill, so you end up actually paying for it.”

He noted that the main difference between Protect America and the other companies is that Protect America provides their customers with a system that they install themselves. This allows for lower monthly maintenance charges later.

“Wireless home systems are now the real standard in the industry,” Arthur continued, “And more and more consumers are searching for this type of system for their home. For anyone who thinks advanced home systems with wireless controls have to cost a lot, you may be able to get an advanced monitoring service for as little as 65 cents a day.”

San Jose Home Security is a consumer-based information resource for residents of the greater San Jose area who are interested in learning more about security systems and monitoring services available for local homeowners and business property owners. For more information, go to http://www.SanJoseHomeSecurity.com.

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